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I'm available for hire to engrave handwritten scores (especially scores using unusual or extended forms of notation) or prepare performance editions - take a look at some samples of my engraving below. Contact me by email (hyu36 [at] or yuhaotian98 [at] to discuss your project.

Pierluigi Billone​: Legno. Edre (for bassoon)

-replication of handwritten spacing (including flexible accidental placement)

-variable fingering charts, custom graphical notation

-senza misura

Thomas Tallis / William Byrd: Miserere Nostri 

-mensural notation, modern clefs and practical performance formatting

-maximal legibility (precise and even spacing)

Salvatore Sciarrino: Sei Quartetti Brevi (for string quartet)

-contemporary style beaming

-subtle notehead size differentiation

-rhythmically flexible spacing

Kaija Saariaho: Nymphea (for string quartet and live-electronics)

-custom graphical notation

-custom ties

-subtle notehead size differentiation

-contemporary time signature notation

Alexander Scriabin: Sonata for piano no. 10

-replication of original edition (fonts, spacing, etc.)

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